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VI Scientific Ltd

Vision Aid Systems for the Visually Impaired

VI Scientific Ltd is a software company who targets the growing market of visually impaired individuals, and plans to be recognized as a leading provider of assistive vision products. VI Scientific Ltd delivers value to its customers in terms of everyday skills that they lack through innovative assistive vision tools. The focus of VI Scientific Ltd is the satisfaction of visually impaired individuals in fulfilling their everyday needs.

Details on its products are not disclosed at the moment pending patent procedures.

The VisionTech incubation project of VI Scientific Ltd started in May 2008 and ended in April 2010.

Visit the Company’s website: http://www.viscientific.com/

VI Scientific Selected News

October 31, 2011: VI Scientific wins UNICA Business Plan Competition 3rd Prize

October 31, 2011: VisionHunt 2.6.1 ready for download on iTunes

October 17, 2011: Preliminary tests show that VisionHunt works for a iPad 2, iOS 5

July 2011: Team Green Scientific, a branch of VI Scientific wins 2nd Prize in Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2011

March 15, 2011: VisionHunt 2.6 Color Edition update soon to be released

February 25, 2011: VisionHunt 2.6 for the iPhone is ready to be posted on the iTunes store. Read what’s new here.

November 25, 2010: VisionHunt 2.5 Full Edition for the iPhone is released on the iTunes store! Just search for VisionHunt from within the iTunes Application, Section Apps.

October 28, 2010: VisionHunt 2.5 is released! It features a couple of experimental scanning tools: a surface and a table scanner. Plus, it features major improvements for the money scanning tools with an accuracy of 99.99%. Read all about it

August 19 2010: The iPhone version of VisionHunt Color is now available on iTunes. View screen shots here.

April 11 2010: Read the blog at blindmind.org here

April 08 2010: Read our latest podcasts from blindcooltech.com here and from serotalk.com here.

Dec 31, 2009: Release of two novel groundbreaking products:

1. VisionHunt Surface Scanner - a mobile software for locating dropped objects on surfaces, such as a lost shoe or dropped keys on your floor.

2. VisionHunt Table Scanner - a mobile software for locating and identifying kitchenware items on a table such as glasses and bottles.

Dec 1 2009: VI Scientific products are currently being translated into 7 more languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish and Heberw. Visit our Website regularly for updates!

VI Scientific Ltd is looking for distributors in all regions. If you are interested, contact sales@viscientific.com

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