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S.S.F. Safe Smart Fabric Adaptable Surfaces Ltd

Expert Pressure Management System

SAFE is an International Company with a worldwide Network of significant strategic alliances and strong managerial lobby. It is an Added Value Company and Technology licensing Company. SAFE is a company that aims at the Global Market and large scale markets. The main focus of the SAFE product R&D line of work is the areas of Biomedical and Rehabilitation engineering, comfort, sensor and mechatronics related technologies. SAFE uses Platform leveraging Strategies in Hi-tech, making this company a unique technology transfer vehicle for southeastern Europe.

The current R&D effort of SAFE is focused on an expert pressure management system consisting of a smart fabric and an intelligent adaptable surface interface used for skin tension relief. It is developed in various forms for different uses (car seat, wheelchair seat, specialty pressure management bed, etc). The company has developed and patented the minimum individually operated unit of the SAFE surface. SAFE also produces two proprietary software based products that will be marketed with the hardware component (as part of its architecture) or independently as treatment and diagnostic tools to be part of a large Picture Archive Communication Systems (PACS) in Health Care systems worldwide. SAFE is a graduate company of Diogenes

For more information on SAFE visit their dedicated site: www.bio-merge.com

Research for the benefit of SMEs Project: IASiS (Nov 2009 - Nov 2011)

SAFE leads the Research for SMEs project IASiS Intelligent Adaptable Surface with Optical Fiber Sensing for Pressure-Tension Relief. IASiS addresses pressure ulcer incidence and treatment and aims to develop and demonstrate an Intelligent Adaptable Surface for serving as the skin/machine interface in therapy beds and wheelchair seating systems integrating the intelligent fiber-based sensing surface with the adaptable surface mechanism.

Marie Curie Actions—Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP): SmartSOCKET (June 2010 – June 2014)

Safe leads SmartSocket project: Intelligent amputee sockets employing real time advanced photonic sensors for optimum fit and pressure relief through active controls. SmartSOCKET aims at realizing an intelligent amputee socket with optimum fitting and pressure relief utilizing embedded fiber sensors for strain/shear measurement and countershear actuators for readjusting the pressure map distribution across the knee-socket interface. SmartSOCKET will be the first project addressing fiber sensing configurations in true rehabilitation and biomechanic applications, intending to exploit the advantages of real-time and high-accuracy sensing capabilities of optical fiber structures towards equipping amputee sockets with true pressure-detection and subsequently pressure-relief characteristics.

SmartSOCKET will evolve upon the close collaboration between highly experienced academic personnel on cutting edge fiber technology and industrial people with knowledge of the true socket system requirements. SmartSOCKET is expected to lead to a promising technology transfer platform bringing the world of photonics confronted with true biomechanic applications whilst equipping the world of rehabilitation and knee prosthetics with a powerful fiber sensor toolkit.