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Metascan Image Analysis Center Ltd

Image Analysis for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Metascan Image Analysis Centre Ltd is a Cyprus based start-up offering image analysis for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as a tool and as a service. By combining consulting on optimal scanning techniques and providing means for image post-processing, metascan offers a unique way for the scanning centers to keep up with the fast evolving technological advances and the special needs of the scanning centers.

Metascan is developing a suite of state of the art software for the analysis of organ physiology in key areas.

Metascan microvasc addresses angiogenesis. It extracts on a pixel by pixel basis vital information from the scans and presents new images to the radiologist to achieve higher diagnostic accuracy in an efficient way.

Metascan iron has been specially developed to cater for the Cyprus problem of thalassemia and allows to assess even heavy overload in different organs.

In 2003, the team won the first prize at the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition for the metascan business plan. The metascan incubation project started in December 2005 and finished in September 2007. Metascan is a graduate incubatee company of Diogenes Business Incubator of the University of Cyprus.