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MedTechSol (Medical Technology Solutions) Ltd

A Computer Aided Diagnostic tool in Gynaecological Endoscopy

MedTechSol (Medical Technology Solutions) LTD was established in May 2008 by three experts in the medical informatics field. The company targets to become a leading company in gynaecological endoscopy image processing and quantitative analysis. The business vision is to develop a computer aided diagnostic tool supporting the minimal invasive surgery in gynaecology. Our mission is to develop the CADs-Gen Computer Aided Diagnostic suite of products that will enable the automated analysis of gynaecological tissue in gynaecological endoscopy. This diagnostic tool will help the physicians to identify difficult cases of gynaecological cancer during a laparoscopy / hysteroscopy examination. The results will be the increase of diagnostic accuracy of each case while providing a first and direct opinion for the pathology of the ROI before the histopathological examination. Furthermore, the company has specialist partners all over the world that cover the whole field of Biomedical Technology, such as telemedicine, medical image processing, data mining, medical data bases, medical equipment, patient medical record etc.

MedTechSol’s incubation project CAD-GEN started in July 2008 and will finish in December 2010.