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Kahu Networks Inc

Advanced digital video surveillance system

Kahu Networks Inc. aims to be a leading provider of Network Digital Video Surveillance technologies. The company is addressing the rapidly changing technology shift from analog to digital network-based video security solutions. The range of products includes Intelligent Network IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, and software for Remote Monitoring & Video Analysis. Kahu provides a unique turn-key scalable solution that utilizes Advanced Scalable Video compression technologies, supports a diverse range of remote monitoring devices, and automatically adjusts to varying IP network bandwidth traffic. Furthermore, the platform is modular allowing additional video analytics components to be added to the system. As a result, Kahu's products provide greater flexibility and higher performance at a lower total cost of customer ownership.

The NDVS incubation project of Kahu Networks started in April 2006 and finished in October 2008. Diogenes holds a percentage stake in KAHU.

KAHU is an incubatee company of Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus Ltd. Diogenes holds a percentage stake in the company.