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Summer Welcome Meetup - Startup Chile Experience

posted Jun 4, 2013, 4:33 AM by Unknown user

Diogenes Business Incubator with the teams from CEL  and IEEE Gold Cyprus would like to invite you to our welcome summer meetup.

A casual meetup happening on the 10th June 6:30pm at the University of Cyprus, Social Activities building 3, room 101.

Our guests from the Start-Up Chile program will take you through their experiences as entrepreneurs and as members of the program. Also there will be major announcements about the startup scene in Cyprus which you shouldn't miss for the world!

Come to learn and meet new people while having a beer as well !

Our Guest Speakers

Patrik Vanika Hansson, Swedish entrepreneur, 28 years old. Studied Electrical Engineering at Lund University. After taking a course in Industrial Business, in 2011 he co-founded Way2Solve which was selected for the Swedish incubator VentureLab, and also participated in Start up Chile with his project You2B. He won Startup weekend Argentina with Camboo in 2012 . He is fluent in 6 languages, Swedish, Danish, German, Norwegian, Hungarian, and English. Specialist in customer development, strong public speaker and excellent negotiator. Huge background in management and leading of international projects.

Anna Sitnikova, Russian entrepreneur, project manager and PhD candidate of management in social and economic systems, 25 years old. Studied a double master in Economics and Engineering. Anna has won numerous grants for her thesis and research. She later became general manager at Agara Energy (one of Russia’s only company producing wind turbine energy) and worked for venture funded startup Cloudmach which participated in Skolkovo, Russia's largest and most successful incubator. In 2012 she co-founded You2B and participated in Start-Up Chile. During Start-Up Chile participation Anna initiated Startup on Wheels project and trained and influenced mind set of more than 2000 Chilean students during 2 weeks all around the country together with 15 international entrepreneurs. Focusing on fundraising, HR, R&D and marketing, has strong business and financial background.